Saturday, February 28, 2009


I can't believe it that it would happen to me for the second time. First, my Sony Cybershot W55 was snatched inside a jeepney while I was on my way back home after a short relaxation at SM Marilao. Then last Sunday, my BenQ P50 was snatched right inside SM Marilao while I was taking pictures of Toni Gonzaga who happened to have been on stage at the Entertainment Plaza.

It was not so much for the phone that my heart cries for. It was my precious list of contacts which numbered to over a thousand. My Globe SIM of (0916)706-44-09 had been my SIM since the year 2000. I stored in my phonebook the hundreds of numbers of the students who became close to me, the numbers of my business contacts, the numbers of teachers, and others whom I have met in seminars, workshops, travels, etc.

I have stored in that phone a lot of data about my transactions that I never wanted to lose. A lot of them were personal files which I always wanted by my side.

I stored in that phone my passwords and serial numbers which are very important in my work. Plus a lot of stuffs.

Arrghh! In one fast and sweeping move, my phone was snatched by a woman waering a black shirt and maong pants. She was quite big. I knew it was her. She was the only one who bumped my side where my phone was. Then she immediately inserted herself into the thick of people watching Toni Gonzaga perform on stage. I was stunned. It happened right before my very eyes! I could not believe it.

I was with my family when it happened. We all went to SM Marilao to scout for some good cellphones for our kids.

Whew! It felt like I lost so much. Up to now, I really can't figure out how I could ever retrieve all my data, not the phone anymore. Or perhaps my SIM which was so precious for me.

Well, I leave it to goodness of heart. I leave it to God. The person who snatched it from me must be someone in need so much of cash that she resorted to snatching my cellphone. It is possible that she got a big problem to solve that needed money. She will not use it, I suppose. She will sell the stuff.

The IMEI of my stolen phone is 354768000038921. The serial number is GS9B500985TG0. The model is 57P50.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009