Monday, December 13, 2010

Back Again

It's been a while that I posted anything here in my blog site. Errr... I guess I also suffered from chronic laziness attacks. Or perhaps I was overtaken by a lot of concerns that I hardly could find time to squeeze by tired grey matter for blogging. And I wish that beginning this time, I could blog again.

I wish....

I guess I am not alone in this sruggle of finding time to regularly update personal blogs like mine. For quite a time, even the more famous bloggers whom I have been following often hibernate during their winter times like what happened to me. When the attack is chronic, my mind doesn't really like to work. I just shelf those thoughts with high hopes that I could retrieve them back like an e-file being stored in my brain cells. But the flesh does not work that way. Unlike with machines, the brain cells wear out everyday. And as the previous information is overwritten by more recent ones, my grey matter finds it difficult to download the previously stored data for future use. Or am I getting older, huh? Hahaha! I hope not yet.

How many of you guys out there have experiences like mine? Short-term memory attacks. Haha! Do I need to take some supplements to avert my memory lapses?

I really wish to be back again. For good. And for my personal historicity. For memories' sake.