Thursday, January 27, 2011


A week ago, I had a chance to visit Bohol. I didn't know what to expect and see because it was my first time to be there. When I was in Cebu, I knew that it was just almost a pair of eyes away. I was telling myself, Bohol must be a typical island with just the ordinary places that I have seen in the provinces.

I was wrong.

Bohol is definitely an enchanting place. A special place where you could find people so courteous and friendly and very religious. Being one of the most historic places of the country on the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th Century, the towns are adorned with special church edifices which are famous for their coral bricks. Yes, corals from the rich coral reefs of Bohol way back during the Spanish time. These churches are very unique. In Northern Luzon, one would find churches made of bricks from clay.

I went inside Panglao Church. I could sense its age. But it is a treasure. Even the private school beside it shows its age.

The Panglao Parish Church

The grandeur inside is enhanced by the ceiling.

I also had the chance of visiting the world famous Chocolate Hills. Oh my, to go up the view deck, one has to struggle the 214 steps going up its summit. Our tour guide said it used to be 213 steps only, but to make them more meaningful, the local executives added another step to jive with February 14 as there would be so many lovers going up the summit every Valentine's Day.

The 214 steps leading to the summit of the View Deck

Playing with the Chocolate Hills

At the foot of the View Deck

Of course no one would forget to see the famous small primates of Bohol - the tarsier. Bohol sojourn is not complete without seeing even just one tarsius.

A pose with a tarsius

How I enjoyed lunch at the Loboc River famous for its katamaran floating restaurants! The lunch was delicious. Add to it the live musical performance by local artists as you cruise along the river. Along the way at the river banks are local dancers in their folk costumes to entertain the tourists.

My special ride with the catamaran, a type of floating restaurant at the Loboc River

I walked along the beach at Alona Kew Beach Resort in Panglao Island. People were warm and all smiles. I chanced upon some people simply enjoying a walk like what I did. Two children were practically picking starfishes along the shore. I borrowed one for a souvenir pic. Seafoods were everywhere especially at night. they are served hot broiled! Arrrgghh...! I was not able to relish even jsut a little of them. Nonetheless I captured them on camera!