Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogger in Tagalog?

I was surprised on the newest move of to fit to the local language the instructions to sign in for my blog site. Tagalog? Why? Which makes me wonder what up with these sites that always assume as if you don't understand their default language of English.

This holds true also to which chooses the language of your geographical location based probably on the IP address that you have. It is quite weird and annoying that the assumption is that you would prefer the local language than the default English. There is also this continued effort to translate some sites into the local language of the geographical location of the net surfer.

It is not that I don't like my national language of Filipino. But I am not so comfortable seeing buttons and links in the Filipino language. Take for example Mga tool sa wika in Google. Or Mag-sign out also in Google. Good if the translations are purist. then and only then could I say that it is indeed an authentic translation of the English language to Filipino.  But for as long as they remain Taglish or Engalog, I still prefer the default English language for me to navigate the site.