Friday, February 11, 2011


I had been following closely the death of former AFP Chief of Staff and Sec. Angelo Reyes. The stern stance of the family immediately after his death towards his detractors and accusers gradually melted into forgiveness.

I almost could feel how the family members felt on Day 1. Anger. Denial. Hatred. Cynicism. Distrust. Grief. Name it. It must have been very painful, indeed. The family was in a state of shock, much like the entire country was also in a state of shock. It was legitimate for the family to feel all these.

But gradually, the family's doors began to open, even to those who may have pushed Reyes to pull the trigger. Gradually, I saw in the family their value system which only God-fearing and God-loving families may have. Reyes is still lying in state, yet, the wife and children already expressed forgiveness to the people whose hands are dripping with Reyes' blood. What a gesture of Christianity and a display of statesmanship!

I guess, Sec. Reyes is smiling at them on how his family is handling his untimely demise.

The outpouring of love and support from all kinds of people to the bereaved family is indeed making them strong. It is helping them cope and heal their wounds. The family has suffered and bruised to black and blue, but in stead of wallowing on their pains, they chose to forgive...

I just hope that in the next days to come, they continue to show a similar stance - meek and humble, forgiving and accepting.