Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami

Barely less than amonth after I have posted my Prelude to 2012 Catastrophe, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan which caused a massive tsunami that practically washed off parts of northeastern Japan, especially Sendai and Fukushima Prefecture.

Unlike with the earthquake and tsunami that hit Phuket in Thailand which came as a surprise, the tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 happened in broad daylight, to the advantage of TV news crew, they were able to take 'live' coverage as the gigantic wave practically gobbled up everything on its way to the shorelines of Japan. I have seen TV broadcast taken via helicopter still showing the fast gigantic waves about to hit the shores. Some people managed to capture on amateur video the heart-breaking wrath of nature beginning from the shaking earth to the coming of the huge tsunami. It was the golden moments of television broadcasting - live footages of massive destruction, and also of geologists, seismologists, tsunami watchers, and even of the ordinary people who can not help but grab their videocams and digital cameras to document the disaster.

On television, it was as if it was one of the Hollywood movies full of tricks and effects. But it was real. It was as if I was simply watching the hit movie 2012. But it was real. My jaw dropped. Buildings were crushed, transferred, gobbled up. Yatchs, ships, cars, trucks, trains - they were all toys. They simply were debris along the way of the punishing tsunami. Explosions seemed cinematic. More so for the hydrogen explosion at the nuclear power plant that was destroyed by the powerful tsunami.

When nature punishes, it really means business. Get out of the way, or perish.

Are these a prelude to the dreaded '2012' phenomenon?

Just asking.