Wednesday, March 30, 2016


My android phone tells me that right now where I am, it's 30oC outside.

At about 12:00 p.m., I was in a carwash for my wheel's turn for a bath. I sat under the shade, almost not moving due to my fragile nauseous condition. But when I moved my legs, I really felt the scorching heat of my pants that wrapped me. All I could say was 'wow'!

I know many might attribute it again to global warming. Such a conclusive statement. I guess there is more to global warming than this. Personally, I hardly could imagine the scientific basis for global warming as being attributed to carbon footprints. I subscribe more to the idea that the climate is changing because the earth has come again to its natural cycle of dynamism. In its own geologic history, the earth had undergone so many upheavals of creation and destruction. Mountains were formed. Islands emerged from the bottom of the seas. Volcanic eruptions caused land formation and deformation. Plate tectonics reshaped the earth's land masses. Tilting and revolution, including rotation, of the earth dictate the climate and weather. Ahhh... a lot may be happening to earth more than could meet the eyes.

Indeed, there is climate change. If this earth were to experience real global warming, then why on earth do we still experience snows and its other forms during winter time in many parts of the globe. Should it not be global chilling?

But today is hot, right here in my place. The earth's tilt probably veered towards the scorching sun right where I was seated.

As hot as the oven slowly gathering strength to cook the last morsel of food.