Monday, March 28, 2016


Last Saturday, I had a brush with uncertainty as my BP shot to 157/110.

What was unusual was that I never felt any headache at all. I just dozed off from sleep when I felt my world was spinning like crazy. Then I blew off. But I felt no pain at all. It was as if everything was okay with me, except the nausea. I prayed hard that things will subside. I had to take a sublingual med twice as the first one went off to the sink.

Today, I awkwardly felt a similar one as I was working on my yearend academic reports. The school nurse had to rush me to the hospital for check up. I was asked to take a rest for a while. I closed my eyes as soon as I was given a new med for nausea.

If this one were so serious enough, I may say that's how it feels to have a brush with uncertainty. As I am typing this, I took my BP again as I resumed my work. Can you imagine a BP of 181/107? What's happening to my body! I just got off from rest so that I could continue my report.

It's a weird day.