Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Moving Up, Moving On

This year witnessed the birth of a new meaning to the phrase "Moving Up". Now, it refers to the ceremony accorded to the Grade 10 students who have finished their Junior High School after 4 years. This is in lieu of a Graduation Ceremony of the good ol'' days. Now they can't claim yet as graduates of high school level because they have yet to graduate from high school after Grade 12.

But they have to move up as they move on.

In life, we do a lot of moving on. Moving on every after a fall. Moving on after a relationship breaks down. Moving on to another state or phase of life. Moving on after a tragic incident. Moving on after a terrible experience. Moving on towards a better situation. Moving on to continue the journey.

We have a lot really of moving on episodes in our lives.

In fact, everyday should be a moving on towards what is better or the best.