Friday, April 8, 2016

My Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fishes

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The Gospel today reminds us of the Feeding of the Five Thousand through the miraculous 'multiplication of the bread and fish' by Jesus.

And the source of the five loaves of bread and two fishes was a boy, who must have brought them for his own provisions, but instead, gladly offered them to Jesus and probably waited what Jesus would do to them.

The question on why were there no adults who offered first some bread and fish to Jesus remains quizzical. All the story said was that one of the Apostles pointed to a boy who brought with him some food provisions. Perhaps at that time, the boy was about to eat and the apostle saw him.

I guess, the analysis that probably each one brought some food with them might really be the reality then. It took a boy to cause them to share whatever food they must have brought. In other words, the miracle happened because a boy showed them the example of sharing - breaking one's bread for others.

Well, a miracle is a miracle. It could have been the seemingly impossible, like Jesus prayed over the five loaves and two fishes then all of a sudden they multiplied by themselves then fed the five thousand or more people, with left overs!

How it happened is beyond us. But what the boy did was also full of lessons.

If each one would bring out something to offer for the good of humanity and all of creation, then it is like this miracle of feeding the five thousand.

There is power in numbers, especially if this number is exponentially treated. In unity, there is strength. Generosity of heart brings about more good than harm.

Today, I would like to bring out my five loaves and two fishes. Oh no. I started it yesterday. Ooopsss! No. I had been doing it for so many years. Offering not just a little of myself. Many times, more than what I could do. More than what I could afford. More than what is expected of me.

Five loaves and two fishes. From a boy. To Jesus. To many.