Sunday, December 28, 2008


When nothing else is left, only memories remain. But these memories are powerful enough to let the person revive and relive the sweet-sorrow again and again and again.

That's what I felt when I scanned back the albums that Nanang carefully and neatly kept in our sala. I saw our pictures when I was yet a child. I saw the familiar places and faces as we grew up. Faces. Smiling faces. Younger faces. Jolly faces.

I saw how time took its toll on the faces and skins of both Tatang and Nanang. Both of them were full of vigor and life during their heydays. I saw Nanang standing on her two feet, a sight I missed before she left us.

I was able to recall our good ol' days way back in the forests of Nagbaranganan. The sights no longer hold true today. The last time I was there was in 1984, almost 25 years past. It was a place where Nanang and Tatang brought us up into who we are now. We stayed in one of the teachers' cottages inside the 105-hectare lot of the school. Our house was the first to be reached when walking from the school as one would follow the trek around the small hill overlooking the school grounds. In front of our house was a citrus orchard almost 3 hectares big. Tatang was the one taking care of the citrus plantation. I remembered how we used to snake into the depths of the plantation and pick the most luscious of the fruits that we could find. Can you imagine one crateful would cost only P15-20? And that would mean about 25-30 kilograms of fresh mandarin!

I also remembered way back when I was in first year high school, we cleared a wide area on the slope of the big mountain for us to plant pineapple. If my memory does not fail me, we must have planted not less than 6,000 pineapple plants. And in a year's time, each pineapple plant would bear a fruit - a whopping 6,000 fruits to harvest and the end of the cropping season. They were sold at P0.25 each! As I reminisce this experience, I can't believe how the Philippine peso then had a great purchasing power compared to these days.

I even experienced rendering student paid labor of P6.00 a day. At the end of the day after manually weeding out rows and rows of mungo plantation, I smile knowing that I already had another six pesos. And I did that daily during the summer months. How I loved the days when I received my hard-earned pay! It was heaven. A school year's tuition fee then was just P13.50.

There were a lot of occasions when my brother and I would go home early from school and go straight to the clear running brook from the slopes of the big mountain. We simply would creep the crevices of the stones under the water and we would be able to practically manually catch big shrimps hiding in those crevices. We would happily come back home with a basinful of our catch and served as our viand. Nanang was very happy each time that we come back home with full catch.

At night, Tatang, Dante, Arnel, and I, including some of our cousins, would go to the river to catch fish, shrimps, crabs, etc. using our locally deviced electric catcher. I was almost always the one carrying the device. We were able to catch a variety of fish and shrimps. By almost 12 midnight, we would come back home all happy and contented. Our catch would serve as our viand for the next days.

Memories. Indeed they come as flashbacks like movie review. They come rushing and I still feel them as fresh as ever. And I thank God that I am still able to. Thank God, I still don't have Alzheimer's.


We live near the sea. Just a few minutes away and we could be there. It's been quite sometime since the last time that I went there. But I remember it so well that every time that we come back home to Sanchez Mira, we would all go out for a picnic by the beach. The whole family would have a great bonding moment. I would stare at the waves as they break before reaching the shore. Wave pools? Nothing compares to our beach in Sanchez Mira. All natural.

Even as a child, I had always been fascinated by the shores of Sanchez Mira. There's not much very strong winds but the seawaves race towards the shore with all their roars and climb-sweep to the shore wiping the footprints that are left. The waves curl like the legendary Cloud 9 that surfers love to glide with. Then they break as they rush to the bank.

My kids enjoyed our Christmas interlude at the beach. Despite being so cold, they savored every splash and roll of the cool waves. It was a sight to behold, my children enjoying the same sea that I enjoyed when I was also like them.

See how they liked the water!

Christmas Without Nanang

True enough, we celebrated Christmas 2008 so differently. All is present except for one: our Nanang, our mother. I sat on the gas-lift chair where she used to sit. I stared at everyone, seemingly recording everything that transpired. We all had a share of fun and laughter. The kids enjoyed most, receiving their gifts. Everybody had. I am sure, Nanang must have been so happy watching all of us. Listening to our noise. Seeing all of us present, which rarely happens. Tatang was most joyful. He has all his children and all his grandchildren. It must be a memorable one.

But I know, amidst all the laughters and cheers while we celebrated the birthday of our Lord, deep inside Tatang's heart, it must have been yet painful with the thought that Nanang wasn't there anymore. While he belted one of his favorite songs 'I Can't Stop Loving You' by Ray Charles, I could feel his pain inside his heart. I watched. I listened. I reflected. How I wished we could rewind the time and bring back those moments Nanang was still with us. She would probably giggle as Tatang would belt out the song.

Christmas. We dropped by again at the cemetery where Nanang was laid to rest. It was a beautiful day just being with Nanang. It was a different Christmas. But Nanang must be very happy watching all her children and her grandchildren join Tatang on Christmas day. A happy family indeed. Closer like never before.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Month After

December 12 marks a month after Nanang passed away. But up to this time, the pain of losing her is still as fresh as ever. Life has changed since. And even my view of life has changed.

Long before, I would not fear death. To me, death is freedom. Death means the beginning of a new life. Death leads to eternal life. It is so easy to rationalize and explain. It is so easy to reflect on it during retreats and recollections. Life has to be lived as if everyday is the last day. I had always been aware of this. Even as I enter into every single class. I wanted to teach as if it would be my last day.

I have no doubts. Nanang is now in peace. Not resting in peace, but in the joyful company of the angels and saints with the blessings of the Lord and the Father Almighty. Nanang lived a full life of 64 years. Short yet meaningful. Short yet well lived.

While I am consoled with the thought that Nanang is with the Lord, the pain of not having her nearby is still there. I couldn't hold her hand anymore. I couldn't kiss her anymore. I wouldn't be able to see her smiles anymore, especially this Christmas. There were no Christmasses that I haven't thought of her. We would always have little things for her to make her smile. And how I loved to see her joy within. Together with Tatang, both of them were always the gracious receivers. Tatang would playfully flaunt the gifts he receives, especially to his grandchildren. And everyone would have a hearty laugh.

It's been a month. But up to this time, I still can't get over with the grief and pain. And I wouldn't want to lose the feeling. It makes me remember my Nanang. It makes her alive in my heart. It makes me her child as ever.

Nanang, I love you so much...!

1. Tatang and Nanang with the school where I work as a backdrop.
2. Our gift to Nanang on her birthday in April 2003

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Even just for a moment

I am not fond of watching soaps. There were just few occasions when I would pause for a while from my other concerns then watch a little. I never wanted scenes of vengeance, slaps, high emotions, sadness, drama. When I watch TV, I wanted to get informed (news and current affairs, documentaries, investigative reports, etc.) or better yet, entertained (comedy sitcoms). But lately, there is this series on ABS-CBN featuring Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo entitled Kahit Isang Saglit (Even Just for a Moment) that runs quite late at night. No, don't get me wrong. I don't watch it, really. But the soundtrack, even before it became a soap, already caught the musical side of me.

And lately, I had been searching for a music apt as a background to the video I was planning to make as a documentary on the death of my mother. Tonight, I just felt the urge to switch on our videoke and I had in my mind just to sing Kahit Isang Saglit. Oh God! I was struck by the lyrics! then tears just simply began to roll down my eyes again. I remembered the scenes of the wake of Nanang. the lyrics were so touching. They were so appropriate. The music was soulful. The song made a new meaning to me.

I played it over and over again. I sang it over and over again. Tears continued to roll like a river. I couldn't control it. I was singing it for Nanang. It was coming from deep within.

Here are the lyrics of the song.

Kahit Isang Saglit
by Martin Nievera

Intro: B-Em/B-B-Em/B-

Paano ang puso kong ito
Ngayong lumisan ka sa buhay ko
Kung kailan sumikat ang araw
At lumigaya ang aking mundo

Paano na'ng mga bukas ko
Ngayong wala ka na sa piling ko
Paano mga pangarap
Mga pangako sa bawat isa


Sana'y ika'y muling makita ko
Damhin ang tibok ng puso mo
Sana'y yakapin mo ako muli
Kahit sandali, kahit isang saglit
Mayakap ka

Adlib: B-F#/Bb-A-G#7-

Puso ko'y biglang naulila
Iyong iniwanan na nag-iisa

Sana'y ika'y muling makita ko
Damhin ang tibok ng puso mo
Sana'y yakapin mo ako muli
Kahit sandali, kahit isang saglit
Mayakap ka
Mayakap ka

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the Root Word is...

Sorry for my followers. But this entry is in Pilipino. I am just amazed at the etymology of some modern Pilipino words. Even for us, Filipinos, we don't normally pay attention anymore to the roots of our own words. We just go on using them in our everyday conversations.

Many times, these new words originated colloquially. At times, they were Filipino slangs that others don't understand unless they know the context.

So may I share here what I have gathered from the Internet the brilliant works of those who are fond of compiling them. I am not saying that their etymological analysis are all accurate and correct. At least, there is an obvious attempt to seriously or jokingly show their origins.

Cheers to those who compiled them and put them online. I don't claim credit for it.


: pinaikling Abnormal. bobo. tanga o di normal na tao. [Abnormal]

: see abno.

: see abno.

abot-kamay: Lalaking may gf na katamtaman lang ang laki ng hinaharap or bust.

: kung anu-anong bagay. same as borloloy. [small annoying things]

: paligoy o at iba pa at kung anu-ano pa ... see ek ek

: magnanakaw. nanggaling sa grupong akyat-bahay gang. [burglar]

: asar. inis. [tease]

: taong mahilig mang-asar, manginis or mambuwisit. [teaser, person who loves to play jokes to anyone]

alaws arep
: walang pera (no money)

: kasuotan sa paa na kadalasang makikitang suot ng mga tindero ng yosi sa quiapo. ito'y may makipot na suotan ng paa, at manipis na swelas. mistulang sandalyas ito ng babae pero kadalasang suot ng mga lalaki. available in blue, red, green, etc. [a unique kind of slipper in the Philippines]

: "tama" na binaligtad. it ang "high" feeling pag ikaw ay lasing na (minsan din ay dahil sa marijuana or iba pang drugs). [high feeling when under the influence of alcohol or drugs]

: may lahing amerikano. galing sa salitang ["American Boy"] na pinaikli.

: pera. money. see bread.

: pinaiksing under the saya. [Under the Skirt of his wife]. see takusa.

: isang pagbati na ginagamit ang kamay sa pamamagitan ng paksalpak ng palad; Galing sa ingles na ['Up Here' or high 5, same as Give me five]

: okey, pasado, maganda. nagpapakita pagsang-ayon. from the english word, [approve]

: iningles na "dating".[arrive]

: paghingi sa nagustuhang gamit o bagay. [ask for someone's things like shirt, cap, shoes, etc ..]

: Asong kalye. [stray dog]

: Tigasin. binaligtad na "tigas". [strong, hunk]

asukalera de mama
: [sugar mommy] "asukal" is [sugar] in english.

: Masungit, suplada, madaling mapikon [moody and impetuous, short tempered, snooty and snobbish]

: nagmamadali. [in a hurry. to rush]

: atat na atat

: Isa pang pagtawag sa katulong na babae; pareho lang ng tsimay [another derogatory word for a housemaid]

atchoy buro
: tawag o pang-asar sa mga kalaban na talunan sa isang laro ng mga bata. [loser from children's game]

: buhok na nasa ilalim ng bibig
bigote= nasa taas ng bibig
atsaka= nasa baba ng bibig
balbas= nasa baba(chin)
atshaka: buhok na nasa pagitan ng bigote at balbas!!!!:) [hair/beard? under the lower lip]


baby damulag: tawag (ng magulang; paglambing) sa anak na bata pero 'di na baby na parang baby ang kilos; feeling baby. [a child acting like a baby.]

bad shot
: Napasama, napahamak, hindi mabuti ang resulta; kasalungat ng good shot; parang palpak [bad outcome, grave mistake; opposite of the slang 'good shot' also invoked when something bad and unsatisfactory occurs]

: inis, asar. wala sa mood. [not in a good mood.]

: see [bad-trip].

: di naa-ayon ang damit o kasuotan sa lugar o kasama. Di terno at bagay ang mga kasuotan. Tulad ng rubber shoes at barong. [unfashionable, mismatch clothes or dress.]
bagets: kabataan, nagbi-binta o nagda-dalaga. [teen, teenager.] Galing sa pelikula na "Bagets" nuong dekada '80. Pinangungunahan nila Herbert Bautista, Aga Muhlach, atbpa.

: mayabang. mahangin. [boastful, proud]

: kanin lamig. [rice left in the pan.]

: baril. boga. [gun; pistol]

: binabae. jokla. [gay]

: higanteng peklat. ito'y madalas na dulot ng mga sugat na malaki. imbes na normal na balat ang nakatakip sa bakokang, ito'y mayroong makintab na takip.

: bakat panti.

: amoy kili-kili na di nagtatawas o deodorant. amoy baka; mabaho. [foul smell]

: mumurahin, hindi class. [cheap]

: balibag; karaniwang sinasabi ng mga bata. [to fall or slip] see semplang.

: taong bumaliktad sa kaibigan or ka patido (politika). traydor. double-kara. [to change affiliation, change/shift loyalty, to a party (political).]

: taong mukhang nakadrugs at di alam ang pinagsasabi

: wala sa sarili, dahil sa kalasingan o drugs. see bangag. [tipsy]

: hindi pinapasok sa larong or liga ng basketball.

: hindi marunong or mahina sa isang bagay. [dumb]

: maliit, pandak. di mataas. [small in height]

: sinungaling; mahilig mag-imbento ng salita. see kwentong barbero.

: grupo ng magkakaibigan. [group or circle of friends]

: paggamit ng bawal na gamot. [under the influence / or to take illegal drugs]

: eto ang shabu. [methamphetamine hydrochloride, poor man's cocaine]

: mahinang suntok o tapik sa ulo.[hit the head]

: uwi, alis, lisan. binaligtad na "sibat". [to go somewhere else]

: etits ng bata. [male organ of a yuong boy]

: babae. [female]

: Tawag sa Saint Benedict College na dating Benedictine Abbey [A moniker for Saint Benedict College formerly known as Benedictine Abbey]

: barkada, kabarkada. kaibigan. [friend or circle of friends]

: sirang garter ng lumang brief na mukha nang bacon. [wear-out men's underwear/brief. bacon-like garter]

: lalaking kasintahan. abbrev. BoyFriend. Mas seryoso kumpara sa syota.

: paghanga. pinaniniwalaan. pagsang-ayon. from the english word [believe]

: Tawag sa kotseng BMW [A moniker for a BMW sedan]

: malapit ng mabinata. [boy in his pre-teens']

: bobong babae. [female version of bobits]

: galing sa salitang bobo., tanga

: [horny] libog na binaliktad.

: baril. [gun; pistol]

: Pagkain, or kumain. [food or to eat]

: galing rin sa salitang bobo, tanga [Stupid]

: binaligtad na salitang "kalbo". walang buhok. [bald]

: Na huli, nalaman; na bulgar [caught in the act]

: Zero, walang nakuha o napala. [got nothing or zero]

: taong mahilig manloko o mabola. [a person who alway try to fool somebody]

: binaligtad na "malabo". Hindi pwede o maitindihan. imposible. [not possible. cannot understand]

: malaki ang tyan. [big tummy]

: same meaning with baby damulag

: maganda o kaya't glamorosa [glamorous]

: malaki ang joga. [women with big breast]. Pinasikat ni Ruffa Mae dahil sa pelikulang "Booba", kung saan siya ay superhero na may malaking boobs at tatanga-tanga. Bobo na malaki ang boobs.

: tanga, bobo; bobits [dumb; idiot]

: silip. manilip. kita ang di dapat makita. [piping tom; to see the things you should not see.]

: 'brader', kaibigan; galing sa salitang ingles na "Bro" [friend or buddy; originated from 'bros' abrev for brothers]

: pera. datung. [money] sikat ng panahon ng hipi ... dekada '70

: buksan. halungkat. [to open, view, scrutinize, inspect or scan]

: bistado o na huling may itinatagong sikreto [discovered, compromised]

: taga India or may lahi. [Indian]

: dibdib ng babae. see joga. [boobs]

: Malaki na ang tiyan maaring dahil sa kabusugan, buntis, pulis, etc. [big belly.]

: asar, inis. badtrip. [tease; not in a good mood.]

: inip, nakakainip. [bored], True meaning: male sex organ

: maraming dekorasyon na ma-arte, mga ornamentos at palamuti na baduy o jologs tignan [over decorated and cluttered]

: buhok sa puwet [ass hair]

: Tawag sa Don Bosco Technical College [A moniker for Don Bosco Technical College

: pulis na nangongotong. sa basketbol eto ay dragon at ayaw mamasa ng bola.

: tuwarang bukas na parang nakakakalat ang dating. [a thing that is displayed in a somewhat vulgarly manner]


chani: pagkuha ng unti-unti. pakonti-konti. [to get in smaller pieces, denomination, etc...] sa totoo, ito ay pambunot ng buhok.

: kunyari lang or di totoo. [untrue, unreal]

cheche bureche
: kaartihan. mapaligoy. palabok. [beating around the bush, not george]

: Tawag sa kotseng Mercedes Benz [A moniker for any Mercedes Benz sedan]

: chinese o may lahing [chinese].

: kain. [to eat.]

: Kain. [eat. see chibog]

: babae. bebot. [chick. lady]

chick boy
: mahilig sa chicks o bebot. [playboy]

: babae. see [chick]

: usap-usapan, daldalan, tsismis [small talk, tete-a-tete]

: [kiss mark]

: chick o babae na singkitin ang mata, maaring wala o maylahi ng chinese. [a girl having a chinese or japanese-looking eyes. China eyes]

: Pinoy at Tsino na pinagsama, [Filipino-Chinese]

: Mumurahin, walang klas, parang jologs; galing sa salitang ingles na [cheap, cheapskate, low class & unsophisticated]

: Marijuana

: Sumbongero, mahilig mambulgar [person who tells on other people; whistle blower]

: ibang bersyon ng pagbigkas ng torpe. see torpe. Ito din ay pwedeng magbigay kahulugan na duwag. [coward]

: sumbungero. o taong nagsumbong. [whistle-blower.]

: Tawag sa pampasaherong dyip, bus o taksi na hindi lisenyado o rehistrado [unlicensed or unregistered public utility vehicle]

: anak mayaman. see conyo

: anak mayaman. [rich kid]

: luma o laos na. [passe, outdated]. karaniwang ginagamit na "panahon pa ni copongcopong" sa usapang pinoy.

crush ng bayan
: crush ng lahat. [everyone likes or has a crush on]


dagul: malaking tao. pwede din sa pandak bilang pang asar. galing salitang pampango na ibigsabihin ay malaki. [someone who is big or huge. may also be used to tease a small guy]

dakdak: dalawang kahulugan: magsalita ng walang humpay (talk to the point of irritation); sa larong basketball, "slam dunk"

dakis: malaki..sinasabi palagi ng bading pag may nakitang malaking bagay :-p

dalaginding: bago magdalaga o mag teenager ang isang babae. [girl in her pre-teens']

datung: salitang bading na ibig sabihin ay pera o kwarta. [money]

datung: pera, salapi[money]

dayo: dayuhan. Hindi taga-lugar nyo. pagpunta sa ibang lugar. [someone who is not from your place; foreigner. to go to another place.]

deadma: walang pakialam. galing sa salitang, patay [dead], malisya [malice].

dedbol: patay. [dead]

dedma: see deadma.

dedo: patay. [dead.]

dehins: binaligtad na salitang "hinde". [no, not]

dekwat: nakaw, kinupit, inangkin [to steal, stolen, take away or remove, claim ownership]

denggoy: daya. dugas. [tricked]

diskarte: paggawa ng paraan, gumawa ng paraan[noun: a way of doing things; also, the ability to get things done]; [verb: to get things done expediently]

dragon: madamot. Sa basketbol ito ang player na ayaw mamasa ng bola. [selfish; a basketball player that ignores team work and does not pass the ball even when other has the best opportunity to score]

drawing: sinungaling, di makatotohanan. [untrue or to good to be true.]

durog: mga bawal na gamot [illegal narcotics, drugs]

dyahe: Hiya, Nakakahiya. di-maluwag sa loob o di gusto ang gagawin o sasabihin. Nauso ang salitang ito nung '70's.


ebak: tae. [manure.]

ebas: said, sinabi

ebas: said, sinabi. baliktad ng "sabe, o sabi"

ebs: see ebak.

egoy: negrong kano, maitim. [black american.]

ek ek: kaartehan. at iba pa o kung ano-ano pa. [etcetera.]

elib: binaligtad na bilib.

ema: nanay, inay [mother]

engot: tanga, bobo. [dumb]

epa: see erpat.

epal: pakielamero, mapapel.

epektos: droga, kontrabando, pinagbabawal o iligal na gamot o bagay. [contraband, drugs, "the goods")

epektus: mga bagay na bawal sa batas [anything illegal]. [see epektos]

ermat: nanay, ina. [mother]

erpat: tatay, ama. [father.]

erpats: see erpat.

etchas: tae. [manure.]


fafa: From the word [Papa]. Kasintahang lalaki ng kapwa lalaki. Kasintahang lalaki.

FT: Food Trip. kain. [to eat.]

futuristic: gamit para panukoy sa mga taong may malaking dibdib... [big breast]


gagong gupit: bagong gupit. [new haircut.] pinalitan ang salitang "bago" ng "gago" upang maghayag ng pagbigo or pang-asar sa kakilala. Babala: Hwag subukan itawag sa taong hindi mo kilala kung ayaw mong mabugbog ma-ombag.

gamol: [untidy, messy] burara, bastos, magulo, o ma-baboy sa pag-uugali.

gatasan: huthutan, kuhanan ng bagay o pera. [to abuse.]

gets mo: nakuha mo, naintindihan. [Did you get it? or understand it?]

GF: abbrev. GirlFriend. Mas serious syota o jowa

gimik: lumabas o pagpunta sa ibang lugar tulad ng mall, bar, disco, etc.. Hango sa salitang ingles na [gimmick]

gleng-gleng: magaling. [good, very good]

goli: binaligtad na "ligo". [take a bath]

good shot: Magpapakabait, pakabuti; galing sa ingles na 'good shot' na ginamait kung may maganda o mabuting resulta [to make good or behave; taken from 'good shot' a figure of speech invoked if something good or positive happens

graduate: disqualiied sa basketball game dahil sa maduming paglalaro or sumobra na sa pwedeng foul. [basketball player who gets disqualified because of 5 or 6 fouls]

gwaping: galing sa salitang "gwapo". magadang lalake. [handsome]


hagad: patrolya o eskort eskort ng pulis/parak; [police patrol or escort]

hanep: galing, maganda. [wow; cool]

hataw: ang galing.

hatching: bahing. [sneeze]

haybols: Galing sa salitang "bahay" na ibinaligtad [house]

hinayupak: hayop. walang hiya [animal]

hipon: Babaeng maganda ang katawan ngunit hindi maganda ang mukha.


indiyan: galing sa English term "Indian" [native American Indians, who are known to have a very unique concept of time]. Ginagamit ito kung ang ibig sabihin ay "[absent]" o hindi sumipot sa usapan.

indyan: di pagsipot sa usapan o tagpuan.

indyanero: taong di sumipot sa usapan or lugar ng tagpuan.

iskul bukol: bulakbol. [skip classes]. from the old philippine TV show "Iskul Bukol" with Tito, Vic and Joey.

iskwa-kwa: hirap sa buhay, nakatira sa squatter's area o iskwater. see skwaking.

iskwawa: [squatter.] isang naninirahan sa di naman binigyan ang kaukolang pahintulot ng may-ari. see skwaking.

ismolin: [to underestimate, to belittle] galing sa salitang English na "small"

ispokening dolar: Pinoy na trying hard na magsalita ng english. Mag salita ng ingles na tonong islang ng kano. ispokening - [speaking], dolar - [dollar]

isputing: nakadamit na maporma, magara, pamburol o pormal. japorms. [person wearing a formal suit or in new style/fashion]

istambay: see tambay.
istariray: popular, sikat. [star, famous] (most of the time applies to women)

istokwa: naglayas sa bahay. from the english word [stow away]


Ja-fake: [fake]. peke, di tunay. Huwad. Nauso dahil sa isang commercial sa tv.

jabar: pandak, unano, maliit. (short, the opposite of Kareem Abdul Jabar)

jabongga: pakikipagtalik or sex. [making love, or sex. check out the song "Jabongga"]

jaguar: binaligtad na gwardya, [security guard]

japayuki: Pilipino na nagtatrabaho sa Japan. [Filipino workers in Japan. (most of the time is associated with female or filipina) ]. Karaniwan tinatawag sa babae na OFW sa Japan kumpara sa lalake.

japorms: binaligtad at dinagdagan na salitang "porma". [style or fashion]

japuli: tsiks na nagpapadiskarte.

jebak: tae, ebak. dumi ng tao o hayop. [manure. feces/shit]

Jeprox: 1.[filipino hippy] 2. parang ewan; para walang magawa [looks stupid or has nothing to do]

jingle: umihi. [to urinate]

joga: boobs, suso

jokla: Its another form for the word "bakla". It is believed that it started as a salitang kanto or street words. Jok-la

jologs: a word to describe a cheap person skwaking. di maganda pumorma ng damit. baduy. pangit o bakya ang taste.

jombag: suntok [to hit a person with a fist]. galing sa salitang sombag na ang ibig ay suntok.

joots: marijuana; chonki

jowa: syota. [lover, partner in life.]

juding: other word for bading


kadiri: kasuklamsuklam. o di kanisnais at gustong tumayo ng balahibo mo sa likod. [yuk. anything unpleasant.]

kalog: makulit, nakakatuwang tao. kenkoy. [someone who is jolly, fun to be with or cool.]

kaltok: see batok. medyo malakas ng konti sa batok.

: kenkoy na ikot o kilos

: kenkoy or nakakatawa na ikot o kilos. [to move differently or in a funny way.]

Kano: Amerikano. [American]

: walang hiya

kaplugan: Talik, pulot-gata,[having sex, mating]

kapuspalad: salitang tumutukoy sa boy friend na may syotang malaking joga na hindi kayang sapuhin [poor or needy : true meaning]

kapuspalad: salitang tumutukoy sa boy friend na may malaking joga na hindi kayang sapuhin [poor or needy : true meaning]

: dugas o kumisyon. [to take a part of something specially money related situation or deal; commission]

kelot: lalake. [male] uso noong dekada '70

kenkoy: nakakatawang tao. [funny person. joker.]

kikay: malande, maarte, pwede din kalog. [flirty chick]

kipay: [vagina] ari ng babae.

kirat: maliit ang isang mata. [one eye is smaller that the other, like the artist left-eye.]

kisspirin: halik. pabirong paghalo ng salitang "kiss" at "aspirin". [kiss]

: kita-kita. magkita sa isang lugar. [to meet]

: abbrev. Kill Joy. Pagpatay sa kaligayahan. di marunong makisama or makisaya. okray

: Kanya-Kanyang Bayad. [pay your own; dutch treat.]

: Late 20th century bastardization of the English word "cowboy", meaning a flexible/all-around person. Taong walang keme o arte sa lahat ng bagay maging pakikisama.

: tabingi o hindi pantay na baraso o kamay.

kopongkopong: see copongcopong.

kosa: tawagan sa loob ng kulungan. [jail inmate]

kotong: pera pambayad para di ka tikitan ng pulis, mmda etc. suhol. [bribe money]

kotseng kuba: Volkswagen Beetle. kotse is [car], and kuba is [hunchback]

KSP: abbrev. Kulang Sa Pansin. [lacks attention]

Kulas: Tawag sa Saint Scholistica's College [A moniker for Saint Scholastica's College]

kulasisi: kabit o number-two [mistress].

kulelat: nahuhuli. huli. [last in a line, race or game.]

kuliling: Taong may sayad sa ulo o wierdo. [crazy. mentally ill.] hango sa tunay na ibig sabihin na Matinining at maliliit na tunog. Kung ikaw ay nakakarinig ng ganito or maliit na boses, mamaari nga na may sayad ka. :) [to hear sounds or voices that do not exist]

kumander: tawag ng mister (minsan ay under] kay misis.

kuno: Kunyari-kunyarian, Nagpapanggap, peke [pretending, as if]

kupal: makapal ang mukha, taong sobrang walanghiya. [someone you really hate]

kurimaw: pangit. [ugly]

kurimaw: pangit na mukha. (ugly face)

kurog: mas malakas sa kaltok at batok

kutos: singlakas ng kurog. [hit the head]

kuwatsi: kuha tsinelas. (to run away taking one's slippers)

kuyog: pagtulungan. pagkaisahan. karaniwang ginagamit pag away ang pinag-uusapan. [unite against someone. usually used in a brawl or fist fight.]

kwan: sinasabi mo kung di maaalala yung gustong sabihing salita.

kwatro-kantos: gin. alak. Ginebra San Miguel na litro. [vodka. a popular alcohol drink in the Philippines.]

kwentong barbero: kwentong walang kwenta at mataas ang possibilidad na di totoo.

kwits: tabla. pantay na. [got or to get even with.]


lagapak: pagbagsak ng malakas na minsan ay may tunog. bagsak. [hard fall. to get a failing mark.]

: paggawa sa isang bagay, kahit mayroon pang ginawa sa kasalukuyan o pagawa ng sabay-sabay. hal. sa trabaho,pag-sideline sa iba. [to work or do things at the same time or simultaneously.]

: dayaan sa paggamit ng pera. bayad para di mahuli o palusutin ng pulis etc ...[bribe] see under the table

: kumain o uminom ng madami. Inom ng alak or beer. [eat or drink greedily] pinasikat ng bandang "Teeth" na ang tema ay pag inom ng alak

: Tawag sa La Consalacion College [A moniker for La Consolacion College Manila]
lakwatsa: Pasyalan, lakaran na walang pupuntahan [to walk around aimlessly with no destination in mind]

: ito'y kahalintulad sa laplapan o kaya ay lamasan.

lo bat
: pagod na o mahina na. Hango sa salitang "Low Batt" sa mga cellphone. [Low-batt, drain cellphone power. tired.]

: binaligtad na "katulong". [maid, nanny].

: pantalon. binaligtad. [long pants].

: matanda o luma. [old, oldage.]

: kotse o oner na malapit na sumayad ang tapalodo sa pagkababa ng kaha. [low profile style car]

: inargabyado o dinaya sa isang laro o paligasahan. [cheated in game.] Karaniwan sa larong basketball.


ma at pa: MAlay ko at PAkialam ko

: anak ng puta, (hears like - mother fucker).

makalaglag brip
: ekspresyon kapag nakakita ng saksakan ng gandang babae. [an expression of seeing a very very beautiful lady]

makalaglag panti
: isang expresyon na nagpapahayag ng pagkakakita sa napakagwapo o poging lalaki. karaniwang sinasabi ng babae. [an expression of seeing an extremely handsome guy]

: kuripot o barat. [miser or stingy person]

: tawag sa nakatandang lalake. [adult male; sir]

: Titi (T squared), Male sex organ (penis, dick).

: mahilig sa sex. malibog. galing sa salitang ingles na [maniac]

: taong manyak. see manyak.

may k
: pinaikling MAY Karapatan. [Have the right to ...]

may sayad
: sira ulo. praning [mentally ill]

may toyo
: may sumpong. masungit. wala sa mood. [having a bad day]

: taeng bumabalik after mong i-flush [shit that refuses to get flushed]

: Taong pakialamero o pang gulo lang; pareho ng uzi mahilig magusisa [equivalent to by stander, on-looker, extra]

: sasakyan ng pulis/parak [police vehicle; squad car]

: 1.tawag sa malapit na kaibigan na tanga sa isang malumanay na paraan at walang pikunan, [friendly term for "tanga"]; pabirong tawag sa malapit na kaibigan na ang ibig sabihin ay tanga o tatanga-tanga; [word history: Ober da Bakod TV sitcom]

: parang kasintahan mo na pero di pa naman. Abbrev. Mutual Understanding.

muka mo
: ekspresyon ng mga taong ayaw pumayag sa opinyon o hiling ng kausap. [an expression of rejection to somebody's opinion. sort of "In Your Face" attitude.].


na-gets: Kuha mo; sa ingles [get it?; Catch my drift?]

: Isang salitang pinaikli at galing sa expresyon "aNAK ng puta" [no exact english translation, perhaps equivalent to 'cool' or 'wow']

: taong mahilig humingi ng foul sa larong basketbol, kahit d naman na-foul.

: Its a word used to replace a more hurtful word like tang *** mo but in a funny sound way. It was started by a group of people who got nothing to do better in their lives. Nek-nek

: naisahan o nautakan ng isang mangagantyo.

: katulad ng bangag (same as high)

: [dirty finger;middle finger]
isang uri ng senyas ng kamay kung saan ang hinlalato lang ng kamay ang nakalabas, ginagamit sa pagpapakita ng galit,pagtutol o simpleng pang-asar.

: Patuloy na pananalita na walang humpay o preno.dakdak[nag]

: [ugly] pangit. kurimaw

: karaniwang tawag sa Maitim na tao o bata. egoy.[dark skinned person] Maaring nagmula sa salitang suNOG.

: Ubod or sobra. [over.]


OA: abbrev. [Over-Acting.] pagmamalabis o sobra.

: see KJ

: Marijuana; sa salitang 'damo' na ibinaligtad chonki['grass' slang for cannabis]

: gulpi, bugbog. [punch, beat]

: owner-type na jeep. [small version of jeepney]

: daya, dugas, gantyo. [tricked, swindle, double-cross]

: pabirong sinasabi na ito ay isang uri ng gamot na maaring lunas sa masasakit ang ulo; hindi na kailangan ng reseta ng duktor dahil angkop ito sa lahat at subok na ng industriya. Untog mo ulo mo don ang tunay na sinasabi. [bang or hit your head somewhere.]

: ronda. karaniwang ginagamit sa mga pulis na umiikot pag gabi upang mangolekta ng tong.


pabling: lalakeng mahilig sa babae. [playboy]

: Tawag sa Volkwagen Beetle; pareho ng kotseng kuba [A moniker for a Volkswagen Beetle]

paki mo
: pinaikling "pakielam mo". [what do you care?; don't bother; mind your own biz]

: kasama. kaibigan. hang o sa salitang ingles na [patner]. [a friend]

: dagdag. paligoy-ligoy. see cheche bureche. [beating around the bush, not george sr.]

: makapal [thick) pera, marami (many) pera

: from the words " makapal ang dolyar"

: Isang matinding pagkakamali, hindi maganda o maayos ang gawa, mahina o sirang-sira [sloppy mistake or failure, a dud, a comedy of errors, poor and unsatisfactory result]

: hinarangan ang bola habang nag-shoshoot sa basketbol. pinaiksing supalpal.

: madali. sisiw. kayang-kaya. [easy to do.]

: uri ng motorsiklo na PANTRAysikel. [motorcyle mostly used for tricylcle]

: pulis. [police]

: Tawag sa PSBA o Philippine School of Business Administration [A moniker for PSBA - The Philippine School of Business Administration]

: beerhouse

: sikat. Okey! [totally a hit!]

: yun yung pag naglalaro ka ng patin(patintero),tapos may bantay sa gitnang linya na humuhuli sa kalaban! :)

: pauso o palusot.

: tawag sa pagbatok sa kasama kapag me dumaan na kotseng kuba [beetle]

: Eng: adj. idleness and procrastination during working hours. Tag: nagliliwaliw, nagyoyosi, nakikipagdaldalan habang oras ng trabaho; daig pa ang bossing kung makapagrelaks

: Tawag sa UP o University of the Philippines na ibinaligtad [A moniker for UP - The University of the Philippines]

: Isang taong hindi mabiro, ayaw magpatalo at madaling magalit. [a sore loser, hot headed]

: pilay.

: galing sa salitang [from the word] "Pilipino" o "Filipino", possibly started during the 70's era. Check out the song, "Ako'y isang Pinoy" by Florante.

: nakaw. [to steal]. see dekwat.

: pangbagsak o pagkakadapa ng una ang dibdib. madapa. [to fall flat on the floor]

: hipokrito. di totoo. [hypocrite]

: pwesto, kinalalagyan ng isang bagay o tao. na uso sa salitang placing sa larong bilyar na kung saan napu-pwesto ng maganda ang pato [white/mother ball].

: Magandang lalaki; galing sa salitang 'Guwapo' [handsome, good looking, neat]

: peklat sa ulo. [scar on the head]

: chick o babae na nagpapadiskarte. [bitch]

: wala sa sarili, dimapakali. [paranoid]

: probinsyano. PROM DI province. (from the province]

: pinaiksi ang salitang ingles na [prostitute].

: Tawag sa Saint Paul College [A moniker for Saint Paul College]

: pulis na walang matinong ginagawa kundi magpalaki ng tyan at di pakikinabang. [timid or dumb policeman]

: short na mahaba, na abot sa tuhod. (short pero mahaba?!?) [short pants]

pwet ng baso
: pekeng diamond sa mga mumurahing alahas. [fake stone like diamond on a cheap jewelry]


raket: sa mga nagta-trabahong pinoy, it ay nangangahulugang "side-line" or dagdag kita. [additional income].

: kaguluhan dahil sa away. bug-bugan, sapakan na marami ang kasali. [rumble]

: barilan. [gun fight. to shot using a gun.]

: binaligatad at dinagdagan na salitang "pare". [buddy or mate]. uso nga dekada '70

: pare, kaibigan. see [repapips]

: gantihan. karaniwang giangamit sa away or kaguluhan. [revenge]


sabog: kapag ikaw ay meron ng mataas na amats or kulang sa tulog. Hilo o tuliro. [feeling under heavy influence of alcohol, drugs or due to sleep deprivation. the feeling of dizziness.]

sabon: sermonan; pagalitan. [sermon; scold]

salungpwit: [Chair],Upuan

salungsuso: Bra

sandamakmak: madami. sangkatutak. [many in quantity]

sandamukal: napakarami. [plenty] see sandamakmak.

sanpit: Pinsan Cousin

sansui: isang sutsot uwi! see sansuwi

sansuwi: iSAng SUtsot uWI agad. related to takusa.

sapek: mapapel na tao, palaging umaabla sa bawat opinyon.

sawimpalad: salitang tumutukoy sa lalake na may GF na maliit ang hinaharap.(bust)

sayd-b: [side-b] tawag sa pagsuot ng dati nang gamit na brief or panty sa pagbaligtad nito. pag ito uli ay binaligtad at muling ginamit tawag dito ay sayd-c, sayd-d... and so on. [to repeat your under wear or continue to wear it]

sekyu: Pinaikling [Security Guard].

semplang: balibag; dulas. [to fall or slip accidentally].

senglot: lasing, maraming nainom na alak [drunk]

senti: malungkot o seryoso ang mood. [in a sentimental mood. having a blue mood]

shonganga: tanga. [dumb]

shorpet: sumbrero. [cap.] Galing sa salitang "Short-fit" (di sigurado).

Sibat: Umalis, lumayas; galing sa salitang "Tabi" na ibinaligtad [leave, go away, to step aside]

siga: Magmamatigas, naninindak sa pamamagitan ng lakas at yabang, isang intimador; Nangaling sa salitang 'Tigas' [a bully, intimidator]

sinitch: sino (who?)

sipsip: nagpapalakas sa isang tao. nagpapahaba ng papel. [someone who is doing a favor for a person with a hidden agenda in mind like promotion (boss), recognition, high grades/marks (teacher) etc.]

sisiw: madali lang. [easy to do or accomplish]

sitak: binaligtad na taksi. [taxi cab]

siyete: chismis, rumor, gossip... (pinagmulan: channel 7's 'student canteen' controversy in '80's

skwaking: squatter o bakya

solb: kuntento. [satisfied. from the english word "solve".]

sosi: Sosyal, pa-class, feeling conyo [socialite, elite]

soya: binaliktad na ayos.

stir: panloloko o bolahin; peke. [cheat; double-cross, fake]

stokwa: layas. see istokwa.

strobali: Straw gamit sa pag-inom ng anumang inumin na pwedeng maliko o mabali sa isang dulo para madali ang paginum. [flexible drinking straw]

supalpal: barado, di nakaimik, di makasingit sa asaran, usapan. Pwede din na ikaw at na tapal (kaya naging supalpal) basketball [to get blocked from a basketball play]piso

sutil: ispoyld burat,este brat[spoiled brat],batanglumaki sa luho na matigas ang ulo;pasaway

swak: kasya or sakto; pasok, bagay na bagay. [fit]

swangit: salitang bading which means pangit or [ugly]

syoke: bakla, jokla [faggot, gay]

syota: kasintahan. [lover]. pero sa panahon ngayon kapag ito ay ginamit ang ibig sabihin ay di seryoso ang relasyon o [short-time] lng.

syota ng bayan: pokpok

syota ng bayan: pokpok sa daan


T-bak: underwear ng babae na g string

ta-artits: salitang artista na binaliktad. [actor/actress]

tachi: tae. dumi ng hayop o tao. [shit. manure]

taglish: TAGalog at engLISH. salitang o pananalitang maarte na pinaghahalo na pinoy at ingles.
halimbawa: "Why are you so bagal naman?"
[a mix of filipino and english language. corrupt version of the english language in the philippines]

takmo: utak lamok; bobo; tanga

takusa: TAKOt SA Asawa. ander. [a man afraid to his wife].

tambay: mga tao or barkada na walang magawa at naka tigil sa isang lugar na karaniwan ay
kanto o tabing kalsada. [idling people on the streets]. Hindi ko sigurado kung hango ito sa salitang "Stand-by" na ang ibigsabihin ay nag-aantay. [possibly from the english word "stand-by"]

tameme: natahimik. di makapagsalita. [stunned and/or was unable to talk]

tanching: isang laro na kung saan ilalagay na barya sa loob ng parisukat [square] na drawing sa lupa tapos titirahin ng pamato na barya para mapalabas. [paki translate na lng]

tanga-hanga: mga tagahanga ng di mo gusto na artista o tao. Kaya ginawang "tanga" ang upisa. [a fan of an artist or musician or whatever which you do not like. a dumb or idiot fan]

tangaraw: Tawag sa Tamaraw FX ng Toyota [A moniker for a Toyota Tamaraw FX]

tangengot: tanga at engot na tao. [a dumb person.]

tanso: Fake, Panggap, Naloko (Natanso) ... when you bought something that you thought was gold, but not.

tapsihan: tindahan ng tapsilog. [a lokal fast food which serves tapsilog]

tapsilog: Ta-pa, Si-nangag at itLog. [favorite rice snack of pinoys. Beef, fried rice and egg (sunny side up).]

tarugo: A huge male reproductive organ. ulo ng ari o ang ari ng lalaki.

tatchi: tawag sa dumi ng tao o hayop. [shit or manure.]

Tate: bansang US. hango sa salitang [States]

Tene: Tawag sa Ateneo de Manila University [A moniker for the Ateneo de Manila University]

tepok: Patay, tapos na, yari na; pareho ng dedbol o dedo[dead, finished, done and over with]

TH: initials ng "trying hard" ... pagpupumilit sa isang bagay na di kaya.

tibo: tomboy. babaeng lalaki kung kumilos. [lesbian]

tigbak: Patay, Dedo [Dead, Deceased]

tigidig: tigyawat. [pimple/s]

tigok: patay. [dead.]

timang: sira, o sira ulo. wala sa sarili. [crazy]

Tipar: Isang pagtitipon, galing sa salitang ingles na [Party, a celebration] na ibinaligtad

tisay: maputing babae. May lahi o dugong banyaga. see tisoy. [Mestiza]

tisaya: Tisaya- adj - isang tisay at bisayang babae. A cream-coated, beautiful, sophisticated lady from the south :P

tisoy: maputi. May lahi o dugong kastila, kano, chinese etc ... basta maputi. Hango sa salitang Mestiso. [Mestizo]

titi: kasarian ng lalaki (penis)

todas: Tapos, na-dale; pareho ng tepok at tigok [finished, a dead-duck]

todits: binaligatad na dito. [here]

toktok: sapatos. [leather shoes]

tol: pinaikling salita ng kaputol, kapatid, tawagan ng mga magkakaibigan, pwede ring itawag sa mga babaeng magbabarkad (brother)

toma: inom ng alak o beer. [to drink alcohol or beer]

tomador: taong mahilig uminom ng alak o beer. [drunkard. a person who loves beer and alcohol]

tomguts: binaligtad na salitang "gutom". [hungry, starving]

topak: sumpong, toyo, sayad,

torete: tuliro, wala sa sarili. see praning. [under paranoia or confused]

torpe: mahiyain o mahina dimiskarte sa panliligaw. duwag manligaw. [too shy or afraid to court a girl].

toyo: me sira ang ulo, wala sa mood, badtrip etc .. [see may toyo.]

trapo: TRAditional POlitician. Politikong makaluma na madikit sa red tape.

trip: gusto. hilig. [something you like or want.]

tropa: grupo ng mga magkakaibigan. see barkada.

tsibog: kain. [eat] see chibog.

tsikiting: [kids] mga bata.

tsikot: binaligtad na "kotse". [car]

tsimay: Isang mababang pagtawag sa katulong na babae; pareho ng longkatuts [a derogatory term for a housemaid]

tsinoy: See Chinoy.

tsokaran: kaibigan. kabarkada. [friend]

tsong: Kabarkada, pare [Friend; equivalent to 'dude' 'man' or 'bro']

tsugi: patay. see dedbol [dead]

tsuper: tawag sa isang tao na ang trabaho ay magmaneho ng sasakyan; Galing sa salitang ingles na [Chauffer, driver]

tubong lugaw: karaniwang sinasabi kapag malaki ang kita sa isang benta o negosyo. [high profit business].

tukmol: pangit. nakakainis na tao. [ugly or annoying person]. see kurimaw

tuknene: itlog ng pugo na nakabalot sa kulay orange na harina; parang kwek-kwek o wek-wek.

tumba: patayin. [to kill]


uhugin: sipon na tumutulo sa sa ilong na may halong kulangot.

ulikba: maitim. salitang pampango na ang ibigsabihin ay maitim na manok. [dark skin].

umbag: see ombag.

under: see ander or under de saya.

under de saya: takot sa misis. [husband afraid to his wife.]

under the saya: see under de saya.

under the table: lagay o suhol. [bribe]

Uste: Tawag sa UST o University of Santo Tomas [A moniker for UST - The University of Santo Tomas]

utak-biya: bobo. Hinalintulad sa biya kc maliit ang ulo na parang walang utak. [dumb]

Uto: lokohin, paniwalain [to fool, make believe otherwise]

Uto-uto: Madaling lokohin, sunod-sunuran, madaling mapaniwala; Uto [gullible, naive, easily fooled]

utol: kapatid. galing sa salitang "kaputol". [sibling]

ututan dila: kaibigan o barkada. kakulitan o kwentuhan. [friend. partners in crime]

Uwe: Tawag sa UE o University of the East [A moniker for UE - The university of the East]

uzi: galing sa salitang "USIsero".chismoso, taong mahilig magusisa.


wa epek: WAlang EPEKto. [No effect].

wais: tagalize na wise. mautak. [wise]

walang k: pinaikling WALANG Karapatan. [No right to ...]

walangjo: walang hiya, ang kapal. checkout walanjo

walanjo: walastik, nampucha [what the hell?]

walastik: ang galing, walangjo[similar to great, cool, awesome]

watot: asawa [husband/wife]

wetpaks: binaligtad at dinagdagan ang salitang "pwet". [buttocks, butt]


yabangis: yabang at bangis na binagsama. mayabang, [proud. show off.]

yagbols: [testicles] betlog ng lalaki.

yakang-yaka: baligtad na kayang-kaya. [easy to accomplish]

yakapsul: yakap. pabirong pag halo ng salitang yakap at capsul (gamot). [hug]

yosi: sigarilyo. [cigarette]

yoyo: hinde ito yung laruan na me tali kundi tawag minsan relo o [watch].

yugyugan: sayawan. [to dance]

ang sayasaya no ;)